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Travis Little
July 18, 2024

Amazing service. I was able to talk to john about and issue and he lead me in the right direction. Had the transmission rebuilt was helpful throughout the whole process.

Jason Brown
July 4, 2024

Had my transmission Rebuilt on my Toyota van runs and works perfectly big shout out to Jhon and his staff for doing a great job

William Antezana
June 28, 2024

They do a great job I recommend you

David Gauthier
June 25, 2024

I brought my 1996 Dodge Ram in. I knew it was going to be hard to get parts for, but I love my truck. Gear pro did it very well. They had to order special parts but they put it back together like new even better with the two speed torque converter. I just took it on a maiden voyage to Montgomery Alabama and back pulling a car carrier with five cars. I never knew the trailer was behind me. I highly suggest Gear- pro transmissions.

Clare Darling
June 20, 2024

We had traveled to Florida, from Illinois, at the end of May. Once we hit Gainesville my car stopped shifting. We had to have it towed to a shop in Orlando where it sat for the weekend. I got a call Monday morning from the shop saying it was my transmission and they don’t work on transmissions. Being we were out of state and were only in Florida until Friday I panicked. I found Gear pro on Google and got ahold of Jon. I think he could hear the panic in my voice. They came and towed my car from the shop it was at, to their shop, got me a quote that night and had it ready for pick up on Thursday. Unfortunately on our drive back Friday we got to Alabama and the same thing started to happen. Having just replaced the transmission I was very confused. Jon instructed me on what to do to get it to a shop that worked with their warranty. We took it there and found out it was now an electrical fail with the transmission. My car has been in Alabama for the last week and 1/2 but Jon has stayed on top of everything. Calling them, checking in with me and giving me all the updates. It was an unfortunate mishap but Gear pro has been GREAT. I would 10/10 recommend them to anyone.

Thomas Glock
June 20, 2024

Had an emergency issue with the transmission. After obtaining some extremely high estimates, I called Gear Pro. John gave me a price over the phone, almost half of everyone else and job done in 4 days. Very professional and straight forward. Highly recommended.

chrissy bakewell
June 20, 2024

Great pricing, great repair timeline, AND a free tow if you do a repair!!! Winner for me!

June 18, 2024

I would like to strongly recommend this establishment as they have demonstrated honesty, professionalism, and expertise in their work. I brought my 2013 Hyundai Veloster in for repairs, and despite my initial doubts about its repairability, they were able to successfully address the issues and my vehicle has been running smoothly since. Thank you Gear Pro team!!

Marie Sandoz
June 17, 2024

Excellent service! They picked up our Cadillac ATS and fixed everything to perfection and in a timely manner! They kept me updated & communicated effectively. Would highly recommend their services for anyone with Engine or transmission issues. Definitely will come back!

Justin Meinnert
June 11, 2024

Thankful for this shop! They were able to tow my truck free of charge, diagnose the same day and have the truck ready for pickup in two days. They rebuilt the entire transmission in my F150 with new parts. My truck shifts and drives so smooth it feels like brand new. Their price is well below a dealers price and they are very responsive and reasonable.


We Offer The Best Transmission Service In Orlando Florida

GearPro Transmission Services Orlando Florida

Transmission Diagnostics

  • Computer Checks: Using computers to find and fix transmission problems.
  • Road Tests: Driving the car to find out what's wrong with the transmission.

Repair and Rebuild

  • Minor Repairs: Fixing small problems like leaks and seals.
  • Major Repairs: Fixing big problems like gears, solenoids, and clutches.
  • Rebuilding Transmissions: Taking the transmission apart, checking it, and putting it back together.

Replacement Services

  • New and Rebuilt Transmissions: Taking out the old transmission and putting in a new or rebuilt one.

Maintenance Services

  • Fluid Services: Changing and flushing transmission fluid and replacing filters.
  • Regular Check ups: Inspecting and tuning up transmissions to keep them working well.

Specialized Services

  • Clutch Services: Adjusting and replacing clutches and resurfacing flywheels.
  • Torque Converter Services: Replacing and rebuilding torque converters.
  • Cooling Services: Installing and maintaining coolers to stop the transmission from overheating.

Drivetrain and Differential

  • Differential Repair: Fixing and rebuilding differentials.
  • Driveshaft Services: Fixing and replacing driveshafts.
  • Transfer Case Services: Fixing and rebuilding transfer cases for 4WD and AWD vehicles.

Emergency and Warranty Services

  • Emergency Repairs: Offering towing and emergency repairs.
  • Warranties: Giving warranties on parts and labor for peace of mind.

Fleet Maintenance Services

Gear Pro Transmission and Auto Repair specializes in commercial and fleet services in Orlando FL. Our goal is to offer exceptional maintenance services and repairs to our commercial clients. We offer quick turn around and the most competitive price.

Fleet maintenance services at GearPro Transmissions


Discover the best warranty in Central Florida

We know peace of mind is important. With more than 25 years experience we are confident and offer a standard 12 month or 24,000 mile warranty and give you the option to extend that up to 36 month!

Financing Available!

Financing is available with a simple application that takes less than two minutes to complete. Get what you need without the hassle and enjoy quality customer service and flexible payment options.

Simple. Fast. Transparent.


Towing Included

Complementary Towing to our shop included with Transmission Service

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